A.22. Release 4.3.0

Release Date: 2021-12-07

A.22.1. Overview

Many enhancements are added to this version for easier configuration and administration. A new cluster membership mechanism is introduced to dynamically adjust the Watchdog cluster size. This allows the leader Watchdog node to retain the quorum/VIP even when some of watchdog nodes get Shutdown or disconnected. New PostgreSQL 14 SQL parser is imported. The Snapshot Isolation Mode is now ready for production. New sample configuration for the mode is provided in the configuration example section.

Please be warned that in this version default values for some configuration parameters are changed to be more consistent and useful. See Migration section for more details.

Below are major enhancements.

A.22.2. Migration to Version 4.3

A.22.3. Bug fixes

A.22.4. Changes

A.22.5. Documentation changes