[pgpool-general: 8245] Re: Couple of issues with 4.3.2

Jon SCHEWE jon.schewe at raytheon.com
Fri Jun 24 07:32:34 JST 2022

> I'm upgrading from 4.1.4 to 4.3.2 and having 2 issues with my testing:
> 1) I'm using the stock configuration file as much as possible and only modifying the parameters that I need for my clustering setup. So most parameters are still commented out. I'm getting the error on startup "invalid life-check configuration. no heartbeat interfaces defined"
> I've left the heartbeat_device parameters as '' as this appears to be the default.
> wd_monitoring_interfaces_list is commented out per the default.
> What am I missing in the configuration?

I figured it out. I still had heartbeat_destination0 and heartbeat_destination_port0 defined instead of heartbeat_hostname0, heartbeat_port0

> 2) When I try and shutdown the service I get log messages "stop request sent to pgpool (pid: 3048597). waiting for termination...", then "Stopping timed out. Terminating".  /etc/sysconfig/pgpool has "-m fast" set for the STOP_OPTS.
> What do I have misconfigured that causes shutdown to fail? Perhaps this is related to my invalid configuration above?

With the fix to the parameter above, now stop works cleanly as it should.

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