[pgpool-general: 8241] pcp_recovery_node command fails

Todd Stein todd.stein at microfocus.com
Fri Jun 24 04:25:18 JST 2022

I'm trying to use pcp_recovery_node for online recovery in a pgpool/postgresql-12 cluster.
My cluster has PostgreSQL 12.8 and pgpool 4.3.2 running on CentOS 7.9 linux.

I've tried so many things, I'll not go into those details just yet.

To start with, here is the output of the pcp_recovery_node command:

pcp_recovery_node -U postgres -h <VIP> -p 9898 -n 0
ERROR:  executing recovery, execution of command failed at "1st stage"
DETAIL:  command:"recovery_1st_stage"

I'd really appreciate some help.


Todd Stein

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