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Last update: 2019/08/08

Each bug items assigned "SL (Severity level)" from 1-3 (1 is the most severe, 3 is the least severe) in "Status" column.

ID Registered/start Date Target Date Priority Implementation Person in charge Overview Status
007 [FEATURE] shared relation cache 2018/11/20 2019/02/29 High Large Hoshiai [pgpool-hackers: 3124] Done. commit
008 [FEATURE] Enhance performance: performance regression test 2018/11/20 High Small Usama
[FEATURE] Enhance performance: performance for simple query 2018/11/20 XLarge Usama
[FEATURE] Enhance performance: performance for extended query 2019/01/17 Ishii (1) Enhance performance for COPY XXX TO STDOUT (both for simple and extended query): commit

(2) Enhance performance for extended query message:
[pgpool-hackers: 3230] commit
(3) Eliminate select(2) calls in certain cases to enhance performance in simple and extended query:
[pgpool-hackers: 3247] commit

009 [Documentation] Review and improve the current document 2018/11/20 High Extra Large Hoshiai commit1commit2commit3

commit4 commit5 commit6

[Documentation] Update the examples to latest version. 2018/11/20 High Peng Done. commit doc commit
010 [FEATURE] Master watchdog sets quarantine state to primary node 2018/11/26 Normal Small Usama [pgpool-hackers: 2756]
[pgpool-general-jp: 1504]
011 [FEATURE] limiting number of frontends differently 2018/11/26 2018/12/04 Ishii [pgpool-hackers: 3153] Done. commit
012 [FEATURE] Don't load balance after a SELECT having functions specified in black function list 2018/11/29 2019/06/30 Normal Small Peng [pgpool-hackers: 3157] Done. commit
014 [FEATURE] Support for PostgreSQL 12. 2018/11/29 High Small Ishii recovery.conf
pgppol-recovery extension
Done. pgpool-recovery extension
015 [FEATURE] Import PostgreSQL 12 parser. 2018/11/29 2019/07/31 High Medium Peng Done. commit
016 [FEATURE] Statement level load balancing 2018/12/06 2019/03/31 High Large Peng Done. commit
018 [FEATURE] Add new columns to "show pool_nodes" command 2019/04/22 2019/04/24 High Medium Ishii Discussion: [pgpool-hackers: 3315] Done. Commit
019 [FEATURE][Document] Add new performance section High Medium Ishii Done. commit
020 [FEATURE] auto failback 2019/5/23 2019/7/5 Medium Hoshiai [pgpool-hackers: 3328] Done. commit
021 [FEATURE] allow to use md5 password in health_check_password and sr_check_password 2019/5/30 2019/6/10 Medium Ishii [pgpool-hackers: 3334] Done. commit
022 [FEATURE] Routing relcache queries to load balance node Medium Ishii [pgpool-hackers: 3342] Done. commit
023 [FEATURE] Support ECDH key exchange with SSL Medium Hoshiai Done. commit1 commit2
024 [FEATURE] Reduce relcahe queries Medium Ishii [pgpool-hackers: 3344] Done. commit
025 [FEATURE] Eliminate temp table relcahe query Medium Ishii [pgpool-hackers: 3346] Done. commit
101 0000433: IN (SELECT ...) can not be rewritten in native replication mode 2018/10/19 Peng bug433 Done. commit
Regression test should be added.
102 0000434: Segmentation fault due to a query error and Sync messages in native replication mode 2018/10/19 Hoshiai bug434 Done. commit
103 pool_passwd is corrupted. 2018/10/22 Hoshiai, Usama [pgpool-hackers: 3081] Done. commit
104 [pgpool-hackers: 3025] Compile warns 2018/10/22 Hoshiai [pgpool-hackers: 3025] Done. commit
105 0000443: Segmentation fault occurs when a certain Bind message is sent in native replication mode. 2018/11/08 Peng bug443 Done. commit
106 0000444: pgpool does not take into account parameters order in startup packet 2018/11/13 Hoshiai bug444 Done. commit
107 0000448: pgpool holds the connections as idle_in_transaction which are timed out due to idle_in_transaction setting on backend nodes 2018/11/29 Ishii bug448 Done. cimmit
108 [pgpool-general: 6351] kind mismatch among backends, savepoint with psqlodbc 2018/12/26 Peng [pgpool-general: 6351]
109 0000455: watchdog lifecheck process has segfalut in query mode 2019/01/21 Usama Done.;a=commit;h=4cde5da1b416d909d102cfe6878c0cd5189caf86
110 Add regression test for query mode 2019/01/21 Peng
111 0000483: online-recovery is blocked after a child process exits abnormally with replication mode and watchdog 2019/04/04 Usama bug483 Waiting for review->the patch did not work.
112 Fix memory leak related to watchdog and auth pointed out by coverity 2019/05/22 Usama src/auth/pool_hba.c src/auth/pool_auth.c src/auth/auth-scram.c src/watchdog/watchdog.c src/watchdog/wd_lifecheck.c src/config/pool_config_variable.c
113 Fix memory leak related to watchdog and auth pointed out by coverity 2019/05/22 ishii other than :src/auth/pool_hba.c src/auth/pool_auth.c src/auth/auth-scram.c src/watchdog/watchdog.c src/watchdog/wd_lifecheck.c src/config/pool_config_variable.c
201 Feature Agreement
202 Feature Freeze 2019/08/09
203 Code Freeze 2019/08/31
204 Release beta1 2019/09/06
205 Official Release 2019/10/04