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If you’ve found a bug in Pgpool-II, please open an Issue on GitHub.

For bugs reported before March 8, 2024, please refer to Pgpool-II Bug Tracker (the old bug tracking system). New bug reports will not be accepted there. Please use GitHub Issue instead.

Before reporting an issue

Before you report an issue, make sure you have done all of the following:

  • Please make sure that you tried latest stable releases before reporting an issue.
  • Please search for existing issues before submitting a new issue. If a similar issue already exists, please comment there.

How to report an issue

  • To open an issue, go to the list of issues and click on the "New issue" button on the right. If you’re not already signed in to GitHub, it will ask you to sign in now.
  • Please use English to report an issue.
  • Make sure to provide detailed information: OS version, pgpool-II version (use "product version" menu), what mode you use (replication, streaming replication etc. attach pgpool.conf if possible, PostgreSQL version, what kind of application language. Incomplete bug report may not be assigned to anyone or answered.
  • If possible, please report how to reproduce the problem. This will a lot increase the chance to fix the problem.