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On May 15, 2015we had the very first time pgpool-II Day in Tokyo, Japan today. Pgpool-II developers including Ahsan Hady, Muhammad Usama, Nozomi Anzai, Yugo Nagata and me got together and gave talks. About 90 audiences joined so far.

Because almost all of audiences were Japanese speakers, the language used was Japanese. For the talks of Ahsan and Usama consecutive interpreting was prepared.

Tatsuo Ishii

First I presented "Past, now and future of pgpool-II". In the presentation I stated that we hope pgpool-II 3.5 will be available in the fall, and it will be 1.7 times faster than 3.4 when extended protocol is used.

Muhammad Usama

Next Usama explained his work on overhauling pcp commands and on going effort to enhance watchdog.

Ahsan Hadi

Then Ahsan showed current usage of pgpool-II at the Enterprise DB customers. Also he explaind the bench marking result of pgpool-II 3.4.

Yugo Nagata

Yugo gave a lecture of the architecture of watchdog.

Finally Nozomi showed a demo deploying a pgpool-II/watchdog/streaming replication cluster within 5 minutes using the pgpool-II installer.

Nozomi Anzai

I believe the event was pretty successful and showed the bright future of pgpool-II.

The event was sponsored by SRA OSS, Inc. Japan and Enterprise DB (travel sponsor). I would like to thank to pgpool-II Development Group, Asisuto, TIS and HP Japan for supporting the event.

Slide Presenter
Pgpool-II, past now and future Tatsuo Ishii
pgpool-II enhancements Muhammad Usama
EDB & PGPOOL Relationship and pgpool-II 3.4 benchmarking Ahsan Hadi
Watchdog internals Yugo Nagata

(report by: Tatsuo Ishii)