[pgpool-hackers: 4113] Failover on starting up

anirudh.goel at cern.ch anirudh.goel at cern.ch
Sat Feb 5 23:48:06 JST 2022


I have a setup with 1 pgpool and 2 postgresql primary-replica nodes.

I am testing a certain scenario - what if the pgpool goes down, then the primary goes down and then the pgpool comes back up.

I was expecting that pgpool would perform a failover after it comes back up but instead it says this:
2022-02-04 16:48:53: pid 9: LOG:  Pgpool-II parent process has received failover request
2022-02-04 16:48:53: pid 9: LOG:  ignoring the failover request, since we are still starting up

So my question is, is there a parameter or some way that we can tell pgpool to perform a failover if the primary is down while pgpool is starting up?

I tried looking at the code but according to https://github.com/pgpool/pgpool2/blob/master/src/main/pgpool_main.c#L1329, I don’t see a parameter other than processState.

Is there a logical reason why pgpool cannot/won't perform a failover during startup?


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