[pgpool-general: 8206] Pgpool Memory Requirement

Nikola(HM) nikm71 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:33:45 JST 2022


Pgpool works as load balancer in Kubernetes with 3 replicas. Docker 
image pgpool/pgpool:4.2.2 is used.

The section "7.1.1. Memory Requirement" of Pgpool documentation 
specifies an amount of memory is required.

According to formulas there if I need 1000 of num_init_children with 
max_pool=1 , the amount of Shared Memory should be

1000*1*17408 Bytes = 17 MB. That's not a lot for Shared Memory.

In addition  Process Memory is calculated as num_init_children * 5 MB. 
In my case it reaches 5000MB or 5GB.

My question is:
Should we assign such an amount of memory for the pod in k8s in which 
the Pgpool docker image works, given that we use Pgpool exclusively as a 
load balancer?

Thank you in advance.


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