[pgpool-general: 6997] Hosts setup for PgPool/PostgreSQL

Wolf Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Tue Apr 21 01:55:28 JST 2020

I have been using pgpool for a few years. When I setup my first pgpool/postgresql environment I used pgpool-II-3.2.5

Ubuntu-18 OS on all hosts

First setup of pgpool/postgresql
2 pgpool hosts – Primary pgpool and Standby pgpool with watchdog
2 postgresql hosts Primary postgresql and replication postgresql

How I’m trying to configure version 4.1.1 of pgpool In the docs it’s showing 3 hosts. All 3 hosts have pgpool and postgresql running on each hosts.

Is this how I should be configuring the new environment for pgpool and postgresql?

Wolfgang Schwurack
Database/System Administrator
Utah Education Network
wolf at uen.org<mailto:wolf at uen.org>

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