[pgpool-general: 4762] pool_passwd file and MD5 authentication

Ken Young Ken.Young at sas.com
Wed Jul 6 04:36:48 JST 2016

Hey folks,

Regarding pgpool 3.4.3 and MD5 authentication support.  Does the pool_passwd file for pgpool need to contain the userid and MD5 hash key for all login users in the PostgreSQL database?  I was expecting that MD5 authentication could be done directly between the client and the PostgreSQL server, with pgpool just passing the authentication messages along.  I take it that this is not an option for pgpool, correct?  So for password updates, it looks like I will need a script that will change both the pool_passwd file and the PostgreSQL database in order for the password to be properly updated.

Also, I haven't moved our code base to pgpool 3.5 yet.  Does pgpool 3.5 handle MD5 authentication the same way?

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