[pgpool-general: 4314] Parallel Query mode & data partitioning

Pavels Gurskis pavels.gurskis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 23:36:06 JST 2016


I'm new to the pgpool-II, but heard that Parallel Query mode is going to be
deprecated as of ~3.5.

Currently I'm evaluating pgpool-II as solution to use for our internal
monitoring system, which generates quite a lot of data (70Gb+/month). I've
turned to pgpool as it provides data partition capabilities (and as a bonus
for my task - performance improvement due to parallel queries). What I'm
looking for is to partition tables with time-series data across PostgreSQL
servers (depending on value of timestamp column), so that old data (say
older that 1-3 months) is stored on "archive" (cheaper, slower IO)
PostgreSQL servers, but hot data (for last 30 days) stored on more robust
(more expensive, faster IO) PostgreSQL servers. Faster servers to be used
on a daily basis for operational (interactive) needs, slower ones - for
non-interactive tasks like monthly reporting/analysis.

I know that certain limitations exists for Parallel Query mode, but wander
if data partition planned to be kept as separate feature? Perhaps pgpool-II
can help some other way around with the task at hand? All
suggestions/recommendations are more than welcome!

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