[pgpool-general: 4301] Re: Pgpool - connection hangs in DISCARD ALL

the Rat therat at abv.bg
Fri Jan 8 05:11:23 JST 2016

  We've also experienced this problem with 3.4.3 with postgres 9.4. The connections pile up on the backend as well and eventually hit the max_connections limit causing pgpool to failover to another node.  
  The only way we were able to work around it is to disable the pooling of pgpool, but that looses the main advantage of pgpool.   connection_cache = off   

On 04.01.2016 10:00, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:

>>>>>>> On 31.12.2015 10:50, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:

>>>>>>>>> Yes, reconfigured. Keep you up2date. Any fix for the logic possible?

>>>>>>>> Yes, I'm thinking now.

>>>>>>> Still hangs even with child_max_connections = 0, same stack trace.

>>>>>> Too bad. I'm going to look for other causes if any.

>>>>> I remebered this:


>>>>>  http://git.postgresql.org/gitweb/?p=pgpool2.git;a=commit;h=78d2fe3fd 

>>>>> 82b4d2ee90e1369be8dd583196fd36e


>>>>> If you still have the problem after disabling client_idle_limit, the

>>>>> fix is for you.

>>> Sorry, I wanted to say:


>>>> If you do not  have the problem after disabling client_idle_limit,

>>>> the fix is for you.

>>>> Thnx, but still happens. Should I try master version or 3.3.7?

>>> That's an option. However, if you like, could you try the fix before

>>> going to 3.3?  The patch may fix other code path which trigger the

>>> problem.  (or try 3.4-stable head).


>> I tried the fix on the link already, but it didn't help (unless you did forget to attach another fix?).


>> Will try 3.4-stable head, then 3.3 if it doesn't help.

3.4 stable head also has the problem:

(gdb) ba

#0  0x00007f53d6f40d63 in __select_nocancel () from /lib64/libc.so.6

#1  0x000055a2f00669e1 in pool_check_fd (cp=cp at entry=0x55a2f05c0a20) at 


#2  0x000055a2f0066c86 in pool_check_fd (cp=cp at entry=0x55a2f05c0a20) at 


#3  0x000055a2f00a9f7b in pool_read (cp=0x55a2f05c0a20, 

buf=buf at entry=0x7ffc811e7137, len=len at entry=1) at utils/pool_stream.c:159

#4  0x000055a2f006f1dc in read_kind_from_backend 

(frontend=frontend at entry=0x55a2f05ba270, 

backend=backend at entry=0x55a2f05b9210, 

decided_kind=decided_kind at entry=0x7ffc811e7537 "E")

     at protocol/pool_process_query.c:3618

#5  0x000055a2f0076d79 in ProcessBackendResponse 

(frontend=frontend at entry=0x55a2f05ba270, 

backend=backend at entry=0x55a2f05b9210, state=state at entry=0x7ffc811e75cc,

     num_fields=num_fields at entry=0x7ffc811e75ca) at 


#6  0x000055a2f006b1b7 in pool_process_query (frontend=0x55a2f05ba270, 

backend=0x55a2f05b9210, reset_request=reset_request at entry=1) at 


#7  0x000055a2f0062a9a in backend_cleanup (backend= , 

frontend_invalid=frontend_invalid at entry=0 '\000', 

frontend=0x55a2f037c4e0  ) at protocol/child.c:442

#8  0x000055a2f0065745 in do_child (fds=fds at entry=0x55a2f05b4440) at 


#9  0x000055a2f004263e in fork_a_child (fds=0x55a2f05b4440, id=3) at 


#10 0x000055a2f0043735 in reaper () at main/pgpool_main.c:2148

#11 0x000055a2f004724b in PgpoolMain (discard_status= , 

clear_memcache_oidmaps= ) at main/pgpool_main.c:411

#12 0x000055a2f0040d4e in main (argc= , 

argv=0x7ffc811ecb28) at main/main.c:310

Will try 3.3.7.

BTW: I'm using the following script to get an overview whats happening:

cat watch_pg.sh

#!/usr/bin/env bash

watch -n 1 "ps wwwaux --sort=user,command,pid | grep -v grep | grep -E 





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