[pgpool-general: 5146] Re: pgpooladmin 3.5.2 Error code e1014 could not read .pcppass file

David Sisk -X (dsisk - TEKSYSTEMS INC at Cisco) dsisk at cisco.com
Fri Dec 2 03:29:44 JST 2016

My best guess:  Check the file permissions...it needs to be readable by the o/s user that PGPool is running as.


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Hi @ALL,

is there anyone there to solve the problem with the pgpoolAdmin?

login user: postgres
superuser : yes

pgpooladmin 3.5.2 Error code e1014 could not read .pcppass file
The right's from the file are

admin at Linux-HA-1:/var/www$ ls -l .pcppass -rw-r--r.. 1 www-data www-data 69 Nov 25 09:25 .pcppass _______________________________________________
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