[pgpool-general: 3510] pgpool 3.3.4 not responding to new SQL connections

Jose Baez pepote at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 07:38:43 JST 2015


I've been using 3.3.4 in a new deployment and from time to time pgpool
doesn't reply anything to new PSQL connections.
Either with PgAdmin or a JDBC app or PSQL command line, the initial
handshake stays frozen. However we can connect to the Psql backends
directly throught their local ports.

I've got pgpool  right now with *replication mode = on* (but only 1 active
node) and *'connection_cache = on'* with default values for pooling.

I cannot guess what's the SQL query that is hanging pgpool process. Is
pgpool waiting for some some reply from PSQL? If it is so, why does it
block all other connections?

Machine resources are OK (5% cpu and 10% RAM used)

After 20-30min (not sure) Pgpool accepts again new PSQL connections.

I am looking right now at pgpool's log with debug level = 1, but it is a
bit hard to understand the errors kind: T, C, etc... and so many lines per
 I'll keep  looking though.

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