[pgpool-general: 3974] Possible connection leak

Derek derek_kouch at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 18 09:06:04 JST 2015


I'm current running pgpool-II 3.4.3-1 using pgpoolAdmin 3.4.1 on Rhel7.1.

When I connect using psql to database1 via the virtual ip, then later switch over to another database2 using the "\c". Then switch back to database1. Pgpool creates 3 connections, which I can see in pgpoolAdmin->status->processes.

If I continue to switch between the two databases, it will continue to increase the number of pgpool connections via the virtual ip. Eventually, these connections timeout when it reaches the child_life_time value or if it reaches the num_init_children limit, it will hang until a connection is available.

I have the connection_cache on.

Is there something that I need to set?

Kind regards,

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