[pgpool-general: 3168] Cannot run 'show pool_nodes'

jayknowsunix at gmail.com jayknowsunix at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 21:46:11 JST 2014

In response to my question yesterday, Ishii-san suggested running 'show pool_nodes;' I tried running this command this morning in a psql session, but was unsuccessful. The error was a simple not found one. Apparently, I've missed a step during setup, and I've been going back through the online tutorial, but I'm not seeing what I need. Also, looking online at what this command does, it doesn't appear to give more information than pcp_node_info does. That utility does work for me, btw. Am I mistaken? I'm just trying to determine which pgpool instance is the master in a master-slave configuration after a failover attempt.

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