[pgpool-general: 3149] Re: Investigate why PGPool2 hangs

Emanuel Calvo postgres.arg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 21:07:23 JST 2014

2014-09-08 6:47 GMT-03:00 Anselme Rabouan <
anselme.rabouan at lifecycle-software.com>:

> Hi,
> We have a test platform where ours applications connect to pgpool2 v3.3.3
> for few months ago.
> Sometimes, pgpool hangs and I don't why as I don't know how to investigate
> logs.
> Could you please give a way to track errors from log file ?

There are many ways to find errors on a log file. The usual is greeping
"ERROR" from the command

How did you start the pgpool service? How your configuration file looks

3.3.4 is available now, so you can consider to upgrade soon.

> I guess this is due to the number of connection opened has been reached
> but not sure.
If that is the case, you should being receiving an error from the psql or
the client that you're using
to connect with.

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