[pgpool-general: 3141] New CentOS 6.5 servers with pgpool 3.3.3-4 won't start

John Scalia jayknowsunix at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 03:34:44 JST 2014

I'd finally gotten approval to build a new postgresql 9.3.3 cluster using CentO/S 6.5. The cluster has 3 servers in it, 1 primary with 2 standbys. Each machine has had pgpool 
installed. I originally setup the primary server completely, then I copied the pgpool.conf file to the standbys. I then performed some minor editing on those standbys in the 
watchdog section to configure the correct host information.

On each of the machines, I created a new directory under /home in order to place setuid versions of ifconfig and arping. Think of this as security through obfuscation. I mention 
this fact as this is what is preventing pgpool from starting on those standby servers. All the machines use the same location for ifconfig and arping, and each executable is set to 
mode 04755. On all machines, the directory contents looks like:

-rwsr-xr-x    1    root    root    17888    Sep 3    17:27    arping
-rwsr-xr-x    1    root    root    73936    Sep 3    17:27 ifconfig

The primary server starts pgpool flawlessly, but both standby servers refuse to start reporting in their logs:

2014-09-13    17:28:02    ERROR: pid 1425  has_setuid_bit: /home/apache/sbin/ifconfig: no such a command

Previous errors of a similar nature were caused by selinux being "on", but I have verified that it is disabled. I don't really understand why these won't start, anyone have any ideas?

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