[pgpool-general: 3263] pgpool-II 3.4.0 and pgpoolAdmin 3.4.0 officially released

Yugo Nagata nagata at sraoss.co.jp
Fri Nov 7 18:07:09 JST 2014

Pgpool Global Development Group is pleased to announce the availability of
pgpool-II 3.4.0 and pgpoolAdmin 3.4.0.

You can download the source codes, RPM, and installer from:

V3.4's new features are:

    Allow fine control of load balancing by using application name or database name
    New features about log output
        Allow to print pgpool-II process names
        Allow to control log verbosity like PostgreSQL 
    SQL parser compatible with PostgreSQL 9.4
    Import PostgreSQL's memory manager and exception manager
    Support IPv6 address
    Reorganize source code tree

                3.4.0 (tataraboshi) 2014/11/07

* Version 3.4.0

      This is the first version of pgpool-II 3.4 series.
      That is, a "major version up" from 3.3 series.


* Incompatible changes

    - Parallel query mode is obsoleted and is removed from
      pgpool.conf. This is due to the very few users using the mode
      (and the relatively high cost to maintain it).  Actual codes for
      the mode are still there and users can use the mode if they
      specify necessary parameters in pgpool.conf. Note, however, the
      next version of pgpool-II (will be 3.5.0) will actually remove
      the code.

    - "print_timestamp" parameter is removed. Instead new
      "log_line_prefix" should be used.

    - Recovery script now accepts 4 parameters, rather than 3 (the 4th
      parameter is the port number of master PostgreSQL). Existing
      3-parameter-style recovery scripts can be used if you don't care
      about information provided by the 4th parameter.

* New features

    - Allow fine control of load balancing by using application name
      or database name. For example, if a client has particular
      application name, read queries can be redirect to master node,
      rather than to one of slave nodes (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Allow to print pgpool-II process names in the log output. New
      parameter "log_line_prefix", which is the printf-style string
      that is output at the beginning of each log line (Muhammad Usama)

    - Allow to control log verbosity like PostgreSQL. For this purpose
      new parameters "log_error_verbosity", "client_min_messages",
      "log_min_messages" are added (Muhammad Usama)

    - Allow to use SQL comments without disturbing load balancing if
      new parameter "allow_sql_comments" is on. If it's off, previous
      behavior is kept (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Allow to skip unlogged tables checking by using new parameter
      "check_unlogged_table". This reduces the number of pgpool-II's
      internal catalog look up queries and enhances performance
      (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Prevent listen backlog overflow by using new parameter
      "listen_backlog_multiplier" for very busy systems (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Prevent connection timeout to backend by using new parameter
      "connect_timeout". This is useful in unstable networks
      (Tatsuo Ishii)

* Enhancements

    - Builtin SQL parser is now compatible with PostgreSQL 9.4 (Muhammad Usama)

    - Import PostgreSQL's memory manager and exception manager (Muhammad Usama)

    - Reorganize source code tree (Muhammad Usama)

    - The status file "pgpool_status" is now a plain ASCII file. This
      allows to register down PostgreSQL nodes before pgpool-II
      starts for example (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Allow to use IPv6 address for PostgreSQ (Michael Stapelberg)

    - Allow to use IPv6 bind address for pgpool-II (Michael Stapelberg)

    - Rename all occurrence of "on memory query cache" to "in memory
      query cache" because latter is more correct in English (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Add 4th paramter "master node port number" to recovery script
      (Tatsuo Ishii)

    - Allow to handle more than 3 database nodes in pgpool_setup
      (Tatsuo Ishii)

* Bug fixes (since 3.3.4)

    - Fix failover deadlock problem in watchdog (Muhammad Usama). See
      bug #105 and [pgpool-committers: 2195] for more details.

    - As per the PostgreSQL specification, calling close on non
      existing portals is not an error. So on the same footings this
      commit ignores all such packets and return the 'close complete'
      message to client with out going to backend (Muhammad Usama)

    - Fix many issues/bugs found by Coverity (Muhammad Usama, Tatsuo Ishii)

pgpoolAdmin 3.4

* Version 3.4.0 2014/11/07

  pgpoolAdmin 3.4 adopts pgpool-II 3.4.

  ** New features

    - Add new parameters for pgpool-II 3.4 (Nozomi Anzai)

      - new:
        listen_backlog_multiplier, connect_timeout, allow_sql_comments,
        check_unlogged_table, database_redirect_preference_list,
        app_name_redirect_preference_list, log_line_prefix, log_error_verbosity,
        client_min_messages, log_min_messages

      - deleted:
        parallel_mode, system_db_hostname, system_db_port,
        system_db_dbname, system_db_schema, system_db_user,
        system_db_password, print_timestamp

Yugo Nagata <nagata at sraoss.co.jp>

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