[pgpool-general: 2921] pgpool does not restart child processes after failback (pcp_attach_node)

Guy Meler melguy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 18:20:20 JST 2014

Hey :)
I have pgpool with 2 backends, master/slave streaming replication mode.
When I stop the service on the slave, the node is deattched correctly and
all child processes are restarted to update thier backends connections [
when i run show pool_pools I can see that every pool_pid was changed and
all pools are connected to one backend, the master ].
when I start the service again on the failed standby, and run the
pcp_attach_node command, the child processes are not restarted, thus, all
connections that were open before the failback, are remain open and
connected only to the master, until a pgpool restart is invoked and then,
all the pools connections are connected to both backends. I need to mention
that every *new* session to the pgpool after the attache, is connected to
both backends.

My question is, why after pcp_attach_node command, the child processes are
not restarted as they should, like they do after failover.

Thank you very much!
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