[pgpool-general: 2919] configurable timeout for 1st stage recovery

Sean Hogan sean at compusult.net
Tue Jun 17 23:39:29 JST 2014

Hi Tatsuo,

You may remember some time ago I had a problem with PostgreSQL's 
statement_timeout interfering with (actually, breaking) the 1st stage of 
recovery.  It was worked around by increasing the statement_timeout to 
longer than a recovery might take.

Unfortunately our system has grown to the point that a recovery takes 
almost two hours, while at the same time we realize the 
statement_timeout needs to be small (10 minutes) to reduce problems from 
runaway queries.

So this is a dilemma.  statement_timeout can be set on a per-connection 
basis, but I believe it is not possible to do it for the connection that 
pgpool uses to run the 1st stage recovery command.  If I am wrong about 
that then please let me know, but otherwise I think it would be 
extremely useful to have a configuration property to set the 
statement_timeout on that particular connection.

I'm sorry that I am not quite comfortable enough hacking the source 
myself.  Is this a request you could accommodate?

Thanks very much,
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