[pgpool-general: 3065] Re: Can backend0 be a slave ?

Alexandru Cardaniuc cardaniuc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 14:45:00 JST 2014

Santosh Mathew <santosh.checkmail at gmail.com> writes:

> I have 3 postgres nodes in streaming replication mode with two pgpools in active -stanby configuration.

> Is my observation right that pgpool always looks at backend0 as the master ? Supposing there is a failure in
> backend0 and backend1 is promoted as the new master. In this case if we are able to fix backend0 and attach it
> back as the slave of the new master (backend1), pgpool still assumes that backend0 is the master and tries to
> write to it. Is there a configuration setting to tell pgpool that backend0 is a slave and backend1 is a master ?

I don't think that backend0 is always assumed to be the master.
Depending on how you configure your databases, the first database you
bring up will be the master. The other 2 will have to be connected to
the first one for the streaming replication purpose. If backend0 fails,
then more likely than not backend1 will be chosen as the new primary and
backend0 will be detached from the cluster.

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