[pgpool-general: 3000] Can backend0 be a slave ?

Santosh Mathew santosh.checkmail at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 04:48:31 JST 2014


I have 3 postgres nodes in streaming replication mode with two pgpools in
active -stanby configuration.

Is my observation right that pgpool always looks at backend0 as the master
? Supposing there is a failure in backend0 and backend1 is promoted as the
new master. In this case if we are able to fix backend0 and attach it back
as the slave of the new master (backend1), pgpool still assumes that
backend0 is the master and tries to write to it. Is there a configuration
setting to tell pgpool that backend0 is a slave and backend1 is a master ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

- Santosh
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