[pgpool-general: 2388] Re: Error when use pgpool2 with JDBC

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Thu Jan 9 23:10:43 JST 2014


>>   I currently have no test-bed with a running pgpool, but maybe you
>> could create a simple test case: open a JDBC connection (no polling,
>> no protocol specified, straight JDBC) to the pgpool, and observe the
>> log files on both back-ends. Tatsuo Ishii noted, that the pgpool
>> status shows that both back-ends behave differently when the SET is
>> executed. There might be something there.
> The two servers are configured with the same parameters, except fot
> replication of course, and wal archiving, not activated on slave. Is it
> possible that the problem come from ?

I don't think so.

Can you show me PostgreSQL log when you face the problem? There must
be a notice message in the log because pgpool-II detects notice
("N"). I think the key to solve the problem is the content of the
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