[pgpool-general: 2385] specifying read-write intent

hamann.w at t-online.de hamann.w at t-online.de
Thu Jan 9 16:54:06 JST 2014


this is my first message to the list. We are currently running Postgresql 8.4 on a web server
and want to add a second box to handle load peaks 
The site has a low write to read ratio (reads are more or less visitors browsing the products,
and writes are actual orders....)
However, reads are complex sequences of sql statements involving temporary tables.

The site uses a cgi execution model so every activity translates in a new connection.
It would seem logical to specify - more or less at connect time whether an activity
has write intent. If it does not, then all requests from that connection could safely be
executed on one box, with the temporaries discarded after the connection is closed, and
no changes made to the database
If it does, there will still be a few selects (but simple, fast queries) and updates. So for these the
pgpool could choose a box for select and send updates to both of them

Is there anything like that available?


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