[pgpool-general: 3333] Re: Watchdog - ifconfig up failed

Jérôme Schell jsh at myreseau.org
Wed Dec 3 19:19:57 JST 2014

Le 02/12/2014 22:20, Ryan DeShone a écrit :
> You should check your system logs. I had a similar problem at first because pgpool did not have a tty once it was running in the background. By default, sudo will not allow execution without a tty. I had to set the following in sudoers to get IP management via sudo to work
> Defaults:postgres !requiretty
> This assumes, of course, that pgpool is running as the postgres user.

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately this does not work.
As I specified in my initial post I have reproduced the problem also
when running Pgpool as root (so not using sudo at all).
And the "ip" command always succeeds in fact, it is just that the
waitpid() receives a ECHILD so the next arping command is not run.


> On 12/01/2014 04:11 AM, Christian Affolter wrote:
>> Hi
>> On 27.11.2014 17:38, Jérôme Schell wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I am facing a strange problem with PGPool 3.3.4 in a 2 nodes cluster
>>> setup using the watchdog feature.
>>> It seems that when switching to master status the "ifconfig up" command
>>> always fails (exit status 127). When initially starting, the same
>>> command succeeds.
>>> I have tried several configurations:
>>> * Using "sudo" in the command with pgpool running as postgres user
>>> (running the command from the command line is ok)
>>> * Using direct command with pgpool running as root
>>> Everythime I stop the master Pgpool I get this log on the slave that
>>> takes over the delegate IP:
>>> Nov 27 16:13:34 db02 pgpool[27600]: wd_escalation: escalating to master
>>> pgpool
>>> Nov 27 16:13:34 db02 pgpool[27600]: exec_ifconfig: 'sudo /bin/ip addr
>>> add xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/24 dev bond0' failed. exit status: 127
>>> Nov 27 16:13:34 db02 pgpool[27600]: wd_IP_up: ifconfig up failed
>>> Nov 27 16:13:34 db02 pgpool[27600]: wd_declare: send the packet to
>>> declare the new master
>>> Nov 27 16:13:34 db02 pgpool[27600]: wd_escalation: escalated to master
>>> pgpool with some errors
>>> Nov 27 16:13:34 db02 pgpool[27603]: exec_ping: succeed to ping
>>> xxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>>> The strange thing is that the IP is well assigned to the interface but
>>> the arping command is not run leaving the arp table of other hosts in
>>> bad state.
>> I'm facing the exact same issue with pgpool-II 3.4.0. Also using "sudo
>> /bin/ip ..." as the if_up_cmd/if_down_cmd command.
>> Regards
>> Christian
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