[pgpool-general: 1766] Re: Persistent "Idle in transaction" connections

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Wed May 22 19:40:00 JST 2013

No, connection_life_time is for between pgpool and PostgreSQL, not
client and pgpool. So client_idle_limit is the right choice.  However
we recently found a problem which might be related to Juan's problem.


If there's an activity found in pg_stat_activity as descrived in the
commit message, you might want to try the patch.
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> Hi Juan,
> If I understand correctly I think you want pgpools "connection_life_time" parameter, and if you're still having problems with dropped connections look at your kernels tcp_keepalive parameters.
> Glyn
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>> Subject: [pgpool-general: 1764] Persistent "Idle in transaction" connections
>>      Hi all,
>>      Sorry if this question is answered somewhere but I couldn't find it.
>>      We have a client application using pgpool 3.1.2 and postgres 9.1 in 
>> master-slave with streaming replication.
>>      This application is unreliable so it can be shutdown at any time. 
>> When this happens, its connection with pgpool remains in "idle in 
>> transaction" state forever. To avoid this I changed client_idle_limit 
>> parameter to 600 (this value should be enough to free broken connections 
>> before pgpool collapses), but it isn't closing those connections.
>>      Is client_idle_limit the appropriate parameter to control 
>> connections in this situation or there is another way to protect pgpool 
>> from this client behavior?
>>      Many thanks,
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