[pgpool-general: 1764] Persistent "Idle in transaction" connections

Juan Jose Perez jperez at oteara.com
Wed May 22 18:42:57 JST 2013

     Hi all,

     Sorry if this question is answered somewhere but I couldn't find it.

     We have a client application using pgpool 3.1.2 and postgres 9.1 in 
master-slave with streaming replication.
     This application is unreliable so it can be shutdown at any time. 
When this happens, its connection with pgpool remains in "idle in 
transaction" state forever. To avoid this I changed client_idle_limit 
parameter to 600 (this value should be enough to free broken connections 
before pgpool collapses), but it isn't closing those connections.
     Is client_idle_limit the appropriate parameter to control 
connections in this situation or there is another way to protect pgpool 
from this client behavior?

     Many thanks,

Juanjo Pérez


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