[pgpool-general: 1753] Re: load balancing, streaming mode and manual promotion

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Thu May 16 09:45:05 JST 2013

> It's not obvious to me how I should configure the following:
> Would like to setup streaming replication with load balancing without
> automatic failover/promotion of a replica when the master goes down.
> Ideally pgpool would continue to send queries to the replica(s) when the
> master is down, but require a human to promote it if the master cannot be
> recovered.
> Naturally, any write queries will fail, but that's ok.

No, you cannot prevent both failover and promotion. You just stop
automatic promotion. Just make "failover_command" and
"follow_master_command" to be empty (or you could does nothing
promotion in failover_command). This does prevent automatic promotion
but does *not* prevent automatic failover, though.

Also you might want to make recovery_timeout shorter. While failover,
pgpool tries to find the primary node for recovery_timeout
seconds. Since the default is 90 seconds, you might to want to change
it to shorten the black out period caused by failover.
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