[pgpool-general: 1277] Re: repmgr integration with pgpool-II

Tim Verhoeven tim.verhoeven.be at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 01:19:12 JST 2013

Hi Andreas,

I've basically done what you describe here. I have a Postgres
streaming replication master-slave setup that is managed by repmgr. I
just followed their documentation. Then I've added pgpool on top of
the Postgres servers and used the different scripts, those that pgpool
calls in failover scenario's, to use the correct repmgr commands. It
is not a perfect setup, but that is mostly related to pgpool itself
and not really the interaction between pgpool and repmgr. So we are
planning to redo some of the setup, especially once the failover
features in repmgr 2.0 become available.


On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Andreas Hilboll <lists at hilboll.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm about to set up a two-node streaming-replication PostgreSQL 9.2 cluster.
> Because of its load-balancing capabilities, I want to use pgpool-II,
> which, if I understand correctly, can also detect and trigger a failover
> event.
> I am wondering how to best integrate the two tools? My first approach
> would probably be to disable automatic failover in repmgr, and have
> pgpool-II run the necessary repmgr commands for `standby promote` in
> case the master blacks out. I would also set an appropriate
> failback_command in pgpool-II to run repmgr `standby clone`.
> Has anyone been down this road? Any hints as to what I need to consider?
> Any tutorials available?
> Your help is greatly appreciated!
> Cheers, Andreas.
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