[pgpool-general: 1274] repmgr integration with pgpool-II

Andreas Hilboll lists at hilboll.de
Tue Jan 1 21:28:42 JST 2013

Hi all,
I'm about to set up a two-node streaming-replication PostgreSQL 9.2 cluster.
Because of its load-balancing capabilities, I want to use pgpool-II,
which, if I understand correctly, can also detect and trigger a failover
I am wondering how to best integrate the two tools? My first approach
would probably be to disable automatic failover in repmgr, and have
pgpool-II run the necessary repmgr commands for `standby promote` in
case the master blacks out. I would also set an appropriate
failback_command in pgpool-II to run repmgr `standby clone`.
Has anyone been down this road? Any hints as to what I need to consider?
Any tutorials available?
Your help is greatly appreciated!
Cheers, Andreas.

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