[pgpool-general: 2350] Re: PGPool in HA Setup Question

Aleksander Englert aleksander_englert at skg.pl
Thu Dec 19 20:34:44 JST 2013

Yes, it is possible :).


I implemented this and it work fine.

W dniu 2013-12-19 12:24, Athanasios | ZenGuard pisze:
> Dear list,
> thanks of all thanks for all the hard work and the valuable support 
> from the PGPool community. I am using PGPool to do statement based 
> replication between 2 postgresql 9.3 databases. So far it works fine 
> but pgpool by itself is a single point of failure. My question is the 
> following:
> Is it possible to run 2 instances on pgpool on two different hosts and 
> do an active/passive failover scenario using VRRP? To elaborate a bit:
> The 2 hosts share one virtual IP that is only active on one at a time. 
> The application points to that virtual IP, as opposed to the physical 
> IP of one of the two PGPool hosts. When one of the PGPools die, the 
> other one grabs the IP and continues to seamlessly serve connections 
> towards the two databases.
> Is such a setup possible? If yes, has anyone implemented it in the 
> past? Any gotchas or pointers are more than welcome.
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