[pgpool-general: 2349] PGPool in HA Setup Question

Athanasios | ZenGuard athanasios at zenguard.org
Thu Dec 19 20:24:10 JST 2013

Dear list,
thanks of all thanks for all the hard work and the valuable support from
the PGPool community. I am using PGPool to do statement based replication
between 2 postgresql 9.3 databases. So far it works fine but pgpool by
itself is a single point of failure. My question is the following:
Is it possible to run 2 instances on pgpool on two different hosts and do
an active/passive failover scenario using VRRP? To elaborate a bit:
The 2 hosts share one virtual IP that is only active on one at a time. The
application points to that virtual IP, as opposed to the physical IP of one
of the two PGPool hosts. When one of the PGPools die, the other one grabs
the IP and continues to seamlessly serve connections towards the two

Is such a setup possible? If yes, has anyone implemented it in the past?
Any gotchas or pointers are more than welcome.
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