[pgpool-general: 2008] is sharding possible with pgpool?

Torsten Förtsch torsten.foertsch at gmx.net
Sat Aug 10 03:42:21 JST 2013


I want to set up from a structural point of view identical backend
databases. Each backend then is to hold the data of a certain range of
customers. I was told pgpool can help here.

So, I started experimenting and by now I have the impression that pgpool
is the wrong tool. But maybe I am too stupid.

I set up 4 backends each with a "pgptest" table with 2 columns "id" and
"txt". The system database contains one record in
pgpool_catalog.dist_def. pgpool_catalog.replicate_def is empty.

pgpool=> select * from pgpool_catalog.dist_def ;
-[ RECORD 1 ]-+----------------------------
dbname        | pgpool
schema_name   | public
table_name    | pgptest
col_name      | id
col_list      | {id,txt}
type_list     | {int,text}
dist_def_func | pgpool_catalog.dist_pgptest

The pgpool_catalog.dist_pgptest function is defined as follows:

pgpool=> \df+ pgpool_catalog.dist_pgptest
List of functions
-[ RECORD 1 ]-------+---------------
Schema              | pgpool_catalog
Name                | dist_pgptest
Result data type    | integer
Argument data types | i integer
Type                | normal
Volatility          | immutable
Owner               | pgpool
Language            | sql
Source code         |
                    | select $1%4

Pgpool is version 3.1.3 and configured with

load_balance_mode = on
replication_mode = off
parallel_mode = on

Now, if I insert data into the table it works as expected:

  insert into pgptest(id, txt) values( 125, 'test125');

The query is sent to only one backend and on the system db I see this
statement being executed with $1=125:

  SELECT pgpool_catalog.dist_pgptest($1::int)

But the query

  select * from pgptest where id=125

is sent to all backends, although pgpool could know that id=125 can be
only in backend 1. Also, a command to update the record with id=125 is
sent to all backends.

At first I thought that *all* read statements are sent to all backends
and only writes are distributed. But then I tried:

  select substr(txt, 1, 1) letter, count(*) count
    from pgptest group by letter

and was surprised to see that it was sent only to *one* backend. Though,
the equivalent

  select substr(txt, 1, 1) letter, count(*) count
    from pgptest group by substr(txt, 1, 1)

is sent to all backends.


  with xx as (select * from pgptest) select * from xx

is sent to only one backend.

Very confusing...

I have also tried turning replication_mode on and load_balance_mode off
and both of them on. That didn't help. A google search came up with
similar questions but I couldn't find any answer.

What do I wrong?


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