[pgpool-general: 1022] Pgpool thread crash, 1 DB backend, replication mode on - Minor

Sell, Matt matt.sell at fluke.com
Thu Sep 20 06:23:42 JST 2012

We've observed a case where if "replication_mode" is "on", and there is only one backend defined, that occasionally when a client connects and executes a query the pgpool worker thread segfaults.

This isn't a production instance of pgpool that this happened on, it was a test instance where I accidently left replication enabled and removed all backends except for one.

The simple obvious workaround was to disable replication mode, since there wasn't anything else for pgpool to replicate to anyway.

Just a heads-up in case anyone else experiences pgpool segfaults under similar conditions.

        - Matt

Matthew Sell
Software Engineer III
New Products Introduction Group
Fluke Corporation

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