[pgpool-general: 1080] Replication mode failure

Eric.Hardesty at Bull.com Eric.Hardesty at Bull.com
Fri Oct 12 00:27:39 JST 2012

I am trying to do replication 1 backend/

1) If I setup backend0 and backend1 & turn on replication_mode nothing 
happens.  All updates go to backend0 and no changes are reflected on 

2) If I also turn on replicate_select then I see changes to backend1 but 
when my test finishes the databases are not equal and there are inserts 
that have not made it to backend1.

I have used sample-replication conf file as a guide and have only updated 
the necessary items: backend, system_db and number of pools. 

I am using Hammerora as my driver to simulate TP-C transactions.

I have tried this multiple times with a number of users and never get the 
same data between the 2 databases.

Any suggestions or things I may be missing?

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