[pgpool-general: 1238] Re: Java usage of pgpool 2

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Thu Dec 6 06:31:34 JST 2012

If you find any problem with pgpool-II, please report with detailed
info: pgpool-II version, pgpool.conf, PostgreSQL version, how to
reproduce the problem (self contained test case). Without these,
developers cannot resolve the problem.

BTW, the company I'm working for has several customers who are using
pgpool-II and Java in production environment.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php
Japanese: http://www.sraoss.co.jp

> Hello all.
> My company is currently thinking about deploying pgpool as a high
> availability solution of our current postgresql installation (we want to be
> able to have an automated method of switching to a hot-standby pg instance
> at any point).
> We are a java shop, and will be connecting to pg pool via the JDBC4 driver
> (its really jdbc3 under the covers).
> The problem is that we discovered a complete show stopper bug, where pg
> pool crashes immediately upon connection with the JDBC driver.
> Connections/queries via psql work quite fine.
> Upon further investigation by one of my colleagues we discovered the issue
> was this: http://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=21 .
> Even though we applied the patch, I am quite uneasy, because this is a show
> stopper bug, imho. I am worried that this could prove to be just the
> beginning of a series of issues.
> My question is, does anybody have a sense how many companies/organizations
> have chosen to deploy a pgpool/java in their production environment? What
> is the overall impression of the stability of the product? Any gotchas, or
> clear do-not-do-this items that you can point out?
> Thank you very much,
> Nick

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