[pgpool-general: 927] the "master" role in pgpool

Kent Tong kent.tong.mo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 20:03:43 JST 2012


In the view of pgpool, is the first alive server the master? So, it doesn't
know which is the master in the PostgreSQL streaming replication relation?
If so, it is possible for pgpool to treat the PQ slave as the pgpool master
and send the write queries to it? For example, if backend0 is the PQ master
and backend1 the PQ slave. If backend0 dies, backend1 is promoted into the
PQ master. Later backend0 is recovered as a PQ slave. Now, backend0 is
alive again, so pgpool will treat it as the new master?

Kent Tong
IT author and consultant, child educator
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