[pgpool-general: 926] some questions about online recovery

Kent Tong kent.tong.mo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 16:43:58 JST 2012


To perform online recovery, the WAL archive should also be copied to the
recovery target, right? But in the examples (basebackup.sh), it is not done?

For online recovery by PITR, why force a log switch (pgpool_switch_xlog) in
the second stage online recovery?

In addition, in the sample it is passed the archive dir as an argument:

  psql -p $port -c "SELECT pgpool_switch_xlog('$archdir')" template1

but actually pg_switch_xlog() in at least 9.1 takes no
argument. pgpool_switch_xlog is said to simply pass its arguments
to pg_switch_xlog. So it is not matching. Why?


Kent Tong
IT author and consultant, child educator
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