[pgpool-general: 337] Load balancing of user defined functions

Ludwig Adam ludwig.adam at petafuel.de
Tue Apr 3 16:41:02 JST 2012

Dear members of the mailing list,

we have now successfully setup a full HA-solution for Postgres incorporating two pg-pool-II instances (heatbeat based fail-over) and a master-slave streaming replication.
So far, everything works like a charm. However we would now like to enable the load balancing feature of pg-pool if possible.

In general, all of our applications are not using direct SQL or prepared statements but instead are calling user defined functions to do their work.
So basically all calls are Execute some_function(with, some, parameters). In the UDF we have the actual SQL statements then, the updates, inserts and selects...

Is there a chance that we can do a load balancing of these functions?

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