[pgpool-general: 336] No password required?

Lumir Jasiok lumir.jasiok at vsb.cz
Tue Apr 3 16:26:11 JST 2012


I have got configured pgpool2 (3.1.1-1) with "enable_pool_hba = on" in 
pgpool.conf. I also have got a user:password record in pool_passwd and 
host records in pool_hba.conf:

host <database> <user_name> <IPv4>/32      md5

Problem is, that I am able to connect from <IPv4> client address allowed 
in pool_hba.conf WITHOUT password:

  psql -h <pgpool_host> -U <database> <user_name>

What's wrong? What I am doing wrong? It's security problem, because 
anybody from <IPv4> can connect to ANY database that is allowed for 
particular IP.

Best Regards

Lumir Jasiok

  Lumír Jasiok

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