[pgpool-general-jp: 1426] pgpool-II 3.6 alpha1 is now released

Bo Peng pengbo @ sraoss.co.jp
2016年 10月 19日 (水) 13:02:43 JST

Pgpool-II 3.6 alpha1 is now relased. 
This is not a stable version but just for developers.

V3.6 has a new feature:

* Improve the behavior of fail-over.
* New PGPOOL SET command has been introduced.
* Watchdog is significantly enhanced.
* Handling of extended query protocol (e.g. used by Java applications) 
  in streaming replication mode speeds up if many rows are returned in a result set.
* Import parser of PostgreSQL 9.6.
* In some cases pg_terminate_backend() now does not trigger a fail-over.
* Change documentation format from raw HTML to SGML.
* etc.

You can download it from:

Bo Peng <pengbo @ sraoss.co.jp>
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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