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How to contribute to the Pgpool-II project

Pgpool-II is an open source project and the contribution style follows the way PostgreSQL does except that we don't have CF application.
We maintain 5-6 stable branches (see for more details). The under development branch is always the master branch. We don't add new features to stable branches. New features should be added to the master branch.
The proposal should include reason, back ground, architecture design, and the most important thing: why this is good for users (and developers). The proposal need not to be completed. Just throwing an idea to start a discussion is welcome.
Actual code should be proposed as a patch to the master branch. A patch does not need to be included in the first, or early discussions.
The committable patch should include not only complete code, but documentation (SGML format) and possibly tests (under src/test).
Once the patch is verified by committers, a committer will commit/push the patch to the master branch.

Projects in progress

Projects already done