wd_cli --  Watchdog Command Line Interface (CLI) utility for the external health-check system integration.


wd_cli [operation...] [node search option...] [option...]


wd_cli Provides a convenient and easy to use interface to interact with watchdog and perform health check related node operations.



Get the node status for node(s) based on node search criteria


Update the watchdog node status. Allowed values are DEAD and ALIVE

Node Search Options


Select all nodes (only available with --info operation)


Select watchdog node by node_id.


Select watchdog node by name.


Select watchdog node by hostname.


Select watchdog node by port number.


-k KEY

Watchdog auth key. Specifying auth-key over rides the pgpool.conf->wd_authkey value.


Specifies the pgpool.conf file.


Path to the watchdog IPC socket directory. Specifying socket-dir over rides the pgpool.conf->wd_ipc_socket_dir value.


Port number of watchdog IPC socket. Specifying ipc-port over rides the pgpool.conf->wd_port value.

-m message_string

Optional message string to be passed to Pgpool-II along with the node status.


Enable verbose messages.


Prints version information.


Enable debug output.


Prints the help for wd_cli.


When some external health-check system is configured to monitor the health of Pgpool-II cluster and it detects a node failure. wd_cli utility can be used to pass this information to Pgpool-II cluster so that it can take the appropriate actions.

    #inform Pgpool-II about node named RN-110 failure
    wd_cli --inform DEAD -N 'RN-110' -p 9001 -m 'Pgpool node with name RN-110 is not reachable'

    #inform Pgpool-II about node-id 10 failure
    wd_cli --inform DEAD -n 10 -m 'Pgpool node with ID 10 is not responding'

Similarly to inform Pgpool-II about the node is alive again.

    #inform Pgpool-II about node-id 10 re-joining
    wd_cli --inform ALIVE -n 10 -m 'Pgpool node with ID 10 is reachable again'

wd_cli can also be used to get the current status of cluster nodes.

    wd_cli -f simple_conf/watchdog/pgpool_wd1.conf --info -v --all

	Total Watchdog nodes configured for lifecheck:  2
	Node ID:           0
	Node Status code   4
	Node Status:       LEADER
	Node Name:         localhost:9991 Linux localhost.localdomain
	Node Host:         localhost
	Node WD Port:      9001
	Node Pgpool Port:  9991

	Node ID:           1
	Node Status code   7
	Node Status:       STANDBY
	Node Name:         localhost:9992 Linux localhost.localdomain
	Node Host:         localhost
	Node WD Port:      9002
	Node Pgpool Port:  9992