Chapter 3. Server Setup and Operation

Table of Contents
3.1. The Pgpool-II User Account
3.2. Configuring pcp.conf
3.3. Configuring Pgpool-II
3.3.1. Configuring pgpool.conf
3.3.2. Clustering mode of Pgpool-II
3.3.3. Process management modes
3.4. Configuring backend information
3.5. Starting Pgpool-II and PostgreSQL
3.6. Stopping Pgpool-II and PostgreSQL
3.7. Temporarily Shutting Down PostgreSQL
3.7.1. Using pcp_detach_node command
3.7.2. Using backend_flag
3.8. Backing up PostgreSQL database

This chapter discusses how to set up and run the Pgpool-II server and its interactions with the operating system.