3.2. Configuring pcp.conf

Pgpool-II provides a interface for administrators to perform management operation, such as getting Pgpool-II status or terminating Pgpool-II processes remotely. pcp.conf is the user/password file used for authentication by this interface. All operation modes require the pcp.conf file to be set. A $prefix/etc/pcp.conf.sample file is created during the installation of Pgpool-II. Copy the file as $prefix/etc/pcp.conf and add your user name and password to it.

    $ cp $prefix/etc/pcp.conf.sample $prefix/etc/pcp.conf

An empty line or a line starting with # is treated as a comment and will be ignored. A user name and its associated password must be written as one line using the following format:

    username:[md5 encrypted password]

[md5 encrypted password] can be produced with the $prefix/bin/pg_md5 command.

    $ pg_md5 your_password

If you don't want pass the password as the argument, execute pg_md5 -p.

    $ pg_md5 -p
    password: your_password

The pcp.conf file must be readable by the user who executes Pgpool-II.