Chapter 7. Performance Considerations

Table of Contents
7.1. Resource Requirement
7.1.1. Memory Requirement
7.1.2. Disk Requirement
7.2. Managing Client Connections
7.2.1. Controlling num_init_children
7.2.2. Controlling listen_backlog_multiplier
7.2.3. When to use reserved_connections
7.3. Read Query Load Balancing
7.3.1. Session Level Load Balancing vs. Statement Level Load Balancing
7.3.2. Creating Specific Purpose Database Node
7.4. In Memory Query Caching
7.5. Relation Cache
7.6. Other Performance Considerations
7.6.1. Thundering Herd Problem
7.6.2. Disaster recovery settings

There are number of configuration parameters that affect the performance of Pgpool-II. In this chapter we present how to tune them.