[pgpool-hackers: 4365] NAMEDATALEN 128

Igor Yurchenko harry.urcen at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 16:23:14 JST 2023

Hi guys...

I need to recompile a pgpool to use with a custom build of Postgresql96
that had been compiled with NAMEDATALEN 128. So I'm preparing patches to
official pgpool src.rpm to adapt it
respectively. I've grepped all definitions of NAMEDATALEN in pgpool source

> grep -Frn NAMEDATALEN | grep -F '#define'
src/include/parser/pool_parser.h:41:#define NAMEDATALEN 64
src/include/parser/pg_config_manual.h:56:#define NAMEDATALEN 64
src/include/pcp/libpcp_ext.h:52:#define NAMEDATALEN 64
src/include/pool.h:60:#define NAMEDATALEN 64
src/include/utils/pool_select_walker.h:35:#define POOL_NAMEDATALEN 64
    /* from NAMEDATALEN of PostgreSQL */
src/libs/pcp/pcp.c:1997:#define LINELEN NAMEDATALEN*5

I've been intending to replace all values of 64 with 128. But right now I
am in doubt:
Is this the right approach? Do I really have to update all this defines?
Maybe I need to make other changes that are not so obvious?

Thanks for any advice.

Igor Yurchenko
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