[pgpool-hackers: 3461] Request Suggestion to close pgpool idle session after 5 minutes

Siva U sivapgpool89 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 02:32:07 JST 2019

Hi Team,

Good Evening.

Could you please help me the  configure to close the pgpool idle

I have got requirement to close the pgpool idle connections after reaching
5 minutes.

I gather all Lift Time Parameters.

child_life_time (integer)
client_idle_limit (integer)
child_max_connections (integer)
connection_life_time (integer)

I have tried with  child_life_time (integer)  to 5 minutes, but it is
closing the idle connections after 5 minutes, but as per the doc "Specifies
the time in seconds to terminate a Pgpool-II child process if it remains

Please suggest the combinations to solve this problem.

Thanks and Regards,
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