[pgpool-hackers: 3208] Implement new feature auto-recovery

Asaf Ohayon asaf at sysbind.co.il
Fri Jan 4 06:59:41 JST 2019


I've started to implement auto-recovery here:

Seeking for a little advice, done so far:

In health_check main loop, if the node is in degenerated state,
try to ping it, when it repsonses, (like coming up after reboot),
execute online-recovery on it.

1. Altough degenerated backend seems down (e.g: in pcp_node_info),
in recovery() I get:
node recovery failed, node id: %d is alive,

2. Still need some code to mark the node as candidate for auto-recovery,
and not try to
establish_persistent_connection to it

Any remarks are welcome



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